Hygiene management training for food packaging manufacturers


Your benefit: Learn how to introduce good hygiene management in your food packaging company.
Well-founded: Theoretical and practical basics to comply with standards and the law
Practically: Work on zoning and sampling issues
Experience: Practical trainers with a lot of experience

Hygiene management training for packaging manufacturers

Do you make packaging for food? And groan under the legal requirements and those of your customers in the area of hygiene management?

We cannot relieve you of the obligation to implement the measures. But we can show you exactly where your duties lie and how you can optimally fulfill them.
This interactive online seminar teaches the basics for effective hygiene management. Together we discuss the implementation, validation and verification. Implementation approaches in your company and options for flexibility. In workshops, we work on the topics of zoning and sampling concepts. 
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Appointment 09.12.22, 09:00-13:00

All information about hygiene management training for food packaging manufacturers

Do you work for a food packaging manufacturer and are you responsible for implementing hygiene regulations? However, you find these very complex and have doubts about optimally implementing all requirements? Then this interactive online seminar is for you! 

In the seminar you will receive all the basics you need to introduce effective hygiene management. It starts with the basics of microbiology and the resulting cleaning and disinfection requirements. We then discuss the implementation of measures for validation and verification (you will learn exactly what this is in the webinar). This leads us to the topic of sampling in the company, which we will present to you in theory and in practice.  

In moderated workshops you will have the opportunity to work practically on the topics of zoning and the sampling concept and to develop initial approaches for implementation in your company.

The course includes an online course (live), training documents as a PDF handout, moderated discussion groups and your personal certificate.

content of the training

  1. Legal and normative bases
  2. Basics of microbiology
  3. Cleaning and disinfection
  4. Validation and verification of cleaning and disinfection measures
  5. Sampling in the company
  6. Workshop: Zoning and sampling concept

Four hours

Important: Ensure an interference-free environment and stable Internet access from the PC.

You will receive a certificate for successful participation in the course. 

  • Quality managers / officers, hygiene officers, HACCP team leaders / members of food packaging manufacturers
  • Specialists or executives from food packaging manufacturers
  • Auditors from food packaging manufacturers

You will receive all the information you need to introduce effective and legally correct hygiene management in your food packaging company. This forms the basis for your HACCP concept. 

In the workshops you will work directly on the topics of zoning and sampling. In this way you will receive practical basics for implementation in your company. 

Book directly via this website or request a booking on account at info@praxistrainings-lms.de.

If you would like to book the training for several people, please send us an email to info@praxistrainings-lms.de. We are also happy to offer the training as an in-house training course.

Would you like individual advice on implementation? Contact us for your individual offer: info@praxistrainings-lms.de.

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