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For gastronomy, communal catering and catering!

Safe in terms of hygiene and occupational safety?

In Germany there are strict laws: for the protection of food and for people who work with food.
If you don't know the content of the law, don't comply with it or don't train your employees, you can High penalties obtain.

Fulfill your legal training requirements now and meet the requirements of:
- Occupational Health and Safety Act

- VO (EG) 1169/2011 on allergens
- Infection Protection Act § 42, 43 (follow-up instruction)
- EU regulation for food safety: VO (EG) 852/2004 (Annex II, Chapter XII) and
- Food Hygiene Ordinance (Annex 1)

Book the hygiene and occupational safety package for gastronomy, catering and communal catering now for only €69!

And you work legally for the next 12 months.
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We help you to comply with your legal obligations and handle food safely.

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This team of practice experts created the e-learnings:

Expert for practical employee training, media and e-learning creation
Jennifer Ziegler
creation and implementation
Expert for learning and working methods, lecturer for German as a foreign language
dr Anne Albert
Linguistic review
Expert in hygiene, microorganisms, risk assessment, manager CPM
Expert for occupational safety in catering, community catering and gastronomy
Zydeck, Referent, Dozent, Experte
Thomas Zydeck
subject matter expert
Expert for hygiene in catering, community catering and practical implementation
Peter Stauch
practice review

Important: Before starting work, you need initial instruction in accordance with Section 43 of the Infection Protection Act from your health department.

Due to the corona pandemic, some health authorities are currently not providing initial instructions in accordance with Section 43 of the Infection Protection Act (IfSG). If you are affected, you can do this follow-up instruction now and catch up on the initial instruction later at your health department.

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Simple and entertaining, this is how dry theory can be conveyed well.

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The quizzes and hands-on examples make the teaching very interactive and memorable.
With visual representations and interactive tools, the content of the e-learning is very easy to understand.

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* Translations: We use Google Translate for the translations. This is the only way we can keep our low prices. If something goes wrong, we'll be happy to correct it. Let us know by email info@praxistrainings-lms.de). Videos are displayed in German or English. 
We are happy to add other languages on request free of charge. 

** For groups: Sign up below info@praxistrainings-lms.de and we will set up group access for you. The following discounts apply to groups: From 10 people we offer a 10 % discount on the course price, 30 % discounts from 50 people.

*** For companies: Do you work in a food company and want to use e-learning? And implement your company's internal guidelines? And train your employees in a separate group room that only your company has access to? Then we are happy to be your partner. write to info@praxistrainings-lms.de

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