1. Why do I need training according to § 4 LMHV?

Welcome to your food hygiene training according to § 4 LMHV


Hello, my name is Jennifer Ziegler – Jenny for short. I am your trainer for this training course according to LMHV – Paragraph 4 of the Food Hygiene Ordinance. As is usual in the catering industry, I use the informal “du” for our training. 

How nice that you have decided to work in gastronomy / with food in the future. This is an exciting, varied and diverse area of work. 

In which area will you work - can you find it in the pictures?

If you can't find your workspace and would like it included, please send a photo to: info@praxistrainings-lms.de. You can also contact us at any time if you have any questions.

Who needs this initial training according to § 4 LMHV?


You need this training if you want to work with food but don't have a gastronomic education/ degree.
Important: You have to refresh the training every year, you can do that Food Hygiene Training book. This also applies to people with training or studies.

Goal of the training according to § 4 LMHV


The aim of the training according to LMHV § 4 is to protect you and others from diseases and to produce not only delicious but also safe food.

I'll show you what can happen if food hygiene regulations are not followed. 

I warn you: the story of old Elizabeth is very sad! And it really happened as shown in the video!

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Unfortunately, every year a large number of people contract diseases that are transmitted through food. You've probably been sick before. When several people become ill at the same time, it is called a disease outbreak. 

Imagine your company is in the media because of a disease outbreak: 

LMHV § 4 example image article

Would you like to know what you can do to prevent this from happening to you?


All people who work with food must be trained in food hygiene and comply with food hygiene regulations. If the guidelines are not followed, people can get sick and even die! 
That's why I take the requirements for food hygiene very seriously

Duration of training on LMHV § 4

The training lasts about six hours. 
You can interrupt the training at any time - the system saves the part you last edited. You have a total of 30 days to complete the training. If that's not enough for you, just get in touch with us (info@praxistrainings-lms.de).

Notes on this E-learning


What else you have to pay attention to, I will explain to you in this course. I will ask you trivia questions at the end of each chapter to make sure you understand everything. It is therefore important that you work through the contents of the chapters carefully. At the end there is a final test. 

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