1. Why do I need food hygiene training?

Hi, my name is Maria

I'm your trainer for this food hygiene training course. Maybe we already know each other from the follow-up instructions according to the Infection Protection Act (IfSG) §§ 42, 43.

I'll show you what can happen if food hygiene regulations are not followed. And I warn you: the story of old Elizabeth is very sad!

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Would you like to know what you can do to prevent this from happening?

All people who work with food must be trained in food hygiene and comply with the guidelines. If the guidelines are not followed, something like this can happen! 
That's why I take the law very seriously

Legal framework

When you work with food, there are several laws you must comply with. I have summarized the most important laws for you. 

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europe, flag, eu-253311.jpgThe European regulation 852/2004 applies in all countries of the European Union. It forms the legal framework for handling food. Appendix II, Chapter XII shows the guidelines for training employees and is part of today's training.

The EU regulation no. 1169/2011 regulates the handling of allergens. It stipulates that consumers must be informed about allergens. This applies to packaged goods and loose goods. Everyone who works with food therefore needs to know what food allergens are and how to deal with them.

germany, flag, national-31020.jpgIn Germany, the Food Hygiene Ordinance (LMHV) and the Infection Protection Act (IfSG) apply. These laws contain regulations that implement EU law in Germany or make further specifications.

LMHV Appendix 1 describes exactly what content belongs in personal hygiene training. I'll teach you this today.

The Infection Protection Act (IfSG) regulates the handling of contagious diseases. You need initial instruction from the health department and follow-up instruction every 2 years.

Remember to Infection Protection Act § 42, 43 and to food allergens to be trained. You can get the training through your employer, or directly here by following the links and booking the training.

Notes on this E-learning

What else you have to pay attention to, I will explain to you in this course. I will keep asking you questions to make sure you understand everything. There is a short test at the end of each chapter. 


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