Training in food microbiology, specifications VO (EG) 2073


Your benefit: In the food microbiology training, you will learn which microbiological risks your food company has and how to recognize and manage them.

Applicable: in your company
practical: many examples
With practical trainers: years of experience

Training in food microbiology and legal requirements according to VO (EG) 2073

Do you understand the intricacies of Regulation (EC) No. 2073/2005 on microbiological criteria for food?

If not, then this training in food microbiology and legal requirements (e-learning and online course) is made for you
The aim is to give you all the specialist knowledge you need to implement a microbiological test plan for food in your company.
We deal with the following topics: the most important pathogens when handling food, reading and evaluating laboratory reports, compliance with official reporting obligations, requirements for raw material specifications, possible legal consequences in the event of deviations. Our course is:

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Date 28.11., 02.12.2022,
09:00-12:00 each

All information about the training in food microbiology and legal requirements according to VO (EG) 2073

The training “Food microbiology and legal requirements according to VO (EG) 2073” comprises the e-learning “Undesirable microorganisms in food” (approx. 60 min) and two online courses (3 hours each). These are moderated by one or two of our experienced practical trainers. Our microbiology specialist is dr Andrea Dreusch.
You will receive the seminar documents and various templates. 

Content of the training course on food microbiology and legal requirements:

  1. The most important pathogens when handling food: recognizing dangers, understanding the requirements for food production
  2. Creating microbiological test plans: work based on practical examples and templates
  3. Raw material specifications: (implement) microbiological specifications for suppliers
  4. Reading and evaluating laboratory reports using practical examples
  5. Comply with regulatory reporting requirements: food and surfaces

Plan time for the preparation and follow-up of the appointments.

Approx. 90 minutes for e-learning, 6.5 hours for training (including breaks)

You will receive a certificate for successful participation in the training course on food microbiology and legal requirements VO (EG) 2073.

  • Quality managers / officers, hygiene officers, HACCP team leaders / members
  • Specialists or executives from the food industry, gastronomy, community catering, the food trade
  • Food control professionals
  • auditors

If you produce food, you are legally obliged to set up an effective monitoring system for microorganisms in food in accordance with VO (EG) 2073. In this way you protect your customers, your employees and of course yourself. We support you in the “Food microbiology and legal requirements training” with a lot of specialist knowledge and practical implementation examples in order to meet these requirements and prevent negative consequences.

If you would like to book the training for several people, please send us an email to We are also happy to offer the training as an in-house training course.

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